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About Instituto Hispania

Welcome to the prestigious Spanish center of Instituto Hispania — ¡Bienvenidos al Español!

Founded in 2001, Instituto Hispania is a well-established language school in India specializing in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

We offer courses in our institute, the capital of India, Delhi, as well as in our centers in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and more. We also have a variety of online courses one can study from anywhere and anytime.

With modern classrooms, accreditations, efficacious curricula, all year-round activities, and reasonable fees, this is the place to explore deep into Spanish.

Learning Spanish at our center is an exciting and enriching venture. A satisfied and successful student is our best advertisement. For this reason, we do all we can to guarantee that your experience of studying Spanish with us will be fabulous, fulfilling, friendly, and fun!


Our Story

The story began in 1997 when Spanish-born Ms. Laura Benito Herraiz realized the lack of a Spanish language-first space in India.

A place where interested students from all walks of life find supportive centers and proficient teachers can share their passion for the Spanish language and culture.

The scarcity of quality Spanish education in India and valuable resources caught her undivided attention. So, as a founder and director, she teamed up with Mr. Augustine K. Mathew, a PG in Spanish from JNU, co-founder, and current president of the institute.

Instituto Hispania awards

As a result, Ms. Laura and Mr. Augustine launched one of India’s oldest and most prominent Spanish language schools. And thus, to bring the Spanish language, culture, and traditions closer to the Indian community, Instituto Hispania came into existence on 8th August 1997 in New Delhi.

Both founders used their wisdom as expert educators. They built a renowned academy by sharing their Spanish background to offer intercultural engagement opportunities in the Spanish-speaking world

The foundation of Instituto Hispania stands on the fact that effective Spanish learning should be delightful, social, inspirational, inexpensive, and easily accessible.

With 25 years of expertise in the Spanish language and the culture of the Hispanic world, both have added wings and features to the organization. As you’d expect, it has quickly grown into one of India’s most sought-after Spanish learning programs.

Our Presence in India

We started with just a few Spanish classes in New Delhi in 1997. Today, Instituto Hispania is one of India’s leading Spanish language institutions with an ever-growing footprint.

Today, we have a presence in multiple cities, centers, and dozens of classrooms with over 100 employees. As an outcome, you can explore our wide range of courses in various cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune. As we advance, we plan to start a few more centers.

You can also select one of our many interactive online Spanish classes and learn Spanish at any time through live face-to-face sessions with an instructor. The flexible enrollments come at an affordable fee with a discounted price.

Over the past 25 years, we taught Spanish to over 50,000 students from different parts of the country and abroad. Our programs helped and encouraged them to achieve higher Spanish proficiency, resulting in diverse career and job opportunities worldwide.

Instituto Hispania Spanish institute

Since its founding, Instituto Hispania has continuously been one of the top-rank Spanish institutes in India. We look forward to guiding many more on their Spanish language journey!

A variety of Spanish Courses and Services

We have a rich catalog of Spanish courses for various ages, levels, and objectives. You can also choose from our vast range of studies, from absolute beginner to mastery.

From beginner (Hispania 1) to advanced (Hispania 8) and all levels in between, our foremost goal is to help you instantly immerse in Spanish.

We also have plenty of customized programs for various learners and reasons. It includes Spanish for children, individual one-to-one, and many other tailor-made classes.

We start the new batches every month in small to moderate group sizes. And we do it all pleasantly, perfectly, and professionally.

Beyond offline and online classes, we have plenty of services related to Spanish. For example, translation, interpretation, video recording, subtitling, audio/video transcription, study abroad advice, counseling, exam practice, and tailor-made and niche-specific corporate training.

We are genuinely enthusiastic, dynamic, and interactive so that you can learn and enhance your Spanish understanding. At Instituto Hispania, we honestly endeavor to present the best value for each course.

Achievement, Accreditation, and Awards

In the last 25 years, Instituto Hispania has designed a fresh, innovative, and modern Spanish-language instruction approach with our unique and outstanding teaching method.

The standards and reputation of our Spanish program are unmatched by any other private initiative in India. We have several educators and a board of directors that are highly qualified to maintain top-notch academic quality.

Instituto Hispania awards

Because of our accreditation, learners who wish to test their language can take an international Spanish test. All of our centers in India follow the same guidelines, curriculum, certification, and quality control system, so they are all approved as Spanish examination centers.

Hispania Institute is an affiliate of FIDESCU (International Foundation for Research and Development of Spanish Culture) under the Ministry of Education, Spain. Thus, it has led to the regular conduct of International Exams, D.I.E. (Diploma Internacional de Español).

We have also authorized test centers for SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española). Instituto Cervantes, University of Mexico (UNAM), University of Salamanca, and the University of Buenos Aires promote SIELE.

Many Spanish-speaking embassies and consulates recognize and accept our attestation, registered and admitted for official use. Moreover, we won many awards and media coverage as an excellent and one of India’s best options for Spanish language courses.

Instituto Hispania is currently completing strategic alliances as part of our efforts to be present in as many fields of the Indian subcontinent as possible.

Our Team

Scattered over various cities in India, we have a big team with many talents and expertise.

We all work with full zeal, sincerity, and seriousness, regardless of duties, knacks, and designation.

Our ultimate aim is to provide a one-stop umbrella to help learners from far and wide in the quest for anything and everything about Spanish!

By taking responsibility and being dedicated, all team members, from the office staff to teachers to backend support, strive to improve the organization and take it to a new height.

Teachers and Teaching approach

Instituto Hispania has a group of enthusiastic Spanish native and Indian teachers committed to sharing our mutual love for the Spanish language, tradition, and culture with our students.

Instituto Hispania teachers

The mixed group of teachers is always keen to share their skills, experiences, customs, and know-how with all our students, assuring them a fantastic stay with us.

Our main goal is to get you to the level of Spanish you want in the most effective and fun way.

The sessions cover all aspects of languages — speaking, reading, listening, and writing in Spanish through various techniques. As a basis for discussion and role play, we use real-life scenarios to develop your conversation skills as quickly as possible.

It encompasses music, movies, and audio-video visuals Spanish offers. All can help you pass Spanish language tests like DELE, D.I.E., SIELE, and Telc.

By joining one of our Spanish courses at Instituto Hispania, you’ll speak Spanish in no time! Do you also want to be part of our ever-growing Instituto Hispania community?

Hasta muy pronto!

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to help students develop superior communicative skills by connecting them with Spanish. We also foster cultural responsibility by providing a stimulating and interactive learning environment.

We help learners realize their full potential, bring out the best in them and start on a path to success. To sum up, motivate them to lifelong Spanish learning and do it ethically and exceptionally well. And do with devotion, integrity, innovation, and respect.

Our vision is to empower and unify people through linguistic and intercultural competence. So, we build a platform where Indian and Hispanic cultures can interact. These can make you feel confident about using Spanish effectively and empower you in all aspects of your life.

All this enables enormous opportunities for personal and professional growth. Plus, we cater to the growing demand for Spanish language speakers and specialists across the globe.

Institute Hispania Spanish center

We define ourselves by our values. We are values-driven and passionate about everything Spanish. We further inspire ourselves and others to act.

Instituto Hispania is a company truly inspired by its long-term vision and enlightened focus. This empowers it to deliver extraordinary results and achieve its dreams. We are driven by our mission and guided by our values.

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