Hispania Uno (Level 1 – A1)

Hispania Uno, i.e., Level 1 is our first level of Spanish course. Here, students lay a strong foundation for learning the language. It assists you in recognizing unfamiliar words, forming sentences, and using everyday expressions.

Hispania Uno Level 1

The primary objective is to build an understanding of general topics and to produce written work on them. You also gain conversational skills, though limited and with slow interaction after this course.

The use of multimedia elements at this level is limited since students must first master basic grammatical structures and vocabulary.

As soon as you complete the Basic Certificate course, consider taking CEFR A1 in DELE and SIELE.

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A wide range of Spanish coursesBesides regular programs from A1 to C1 through 8 levels, we have custom courses for children and different goals like corporate, tourism, exam preparation, and business in offline and online modes.
Academic excellenceA 25-year proven experience in Spanish teaching with Highly qualified teaching staff and accredited Center for SIELE and D.I.E.
Effective Teaching ApproachOur Spanish teaching method is interactive and practical. The objective of knowing the vocabulary, grammar, sentence formation, and pronunciation is to interact in Spanish effectively.
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We are 100% specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, with a high quality of teaching over the past 25 years.

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Instituto Hispania is an official and approved test center to conduct SIELE and D.I.E. exams in India.

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The excellent location of our institute is in 5 cities, and you can enroll for online Spanish courses. So, you can study anytime and anywhere.

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Our Spanish courses of all levels are available throughout the year, and the opportunity to start your classes any month of the year.

Hispania Uno

Course Description

Check out all details about our Hispania Uno (Level 1) course.


This introductory Spanish course at Instituto Hispania will teach you basic communication skills. Through a solid foundation in the language, you’ll be able to recognize words, construct sentences, and express yourself in everyday situations.

This Hispania Uno level will allow you to ask and answer questions about yourself and others and master the present tense. For example, using the present tense, you could describe the weather, places, people, and things.

This course’s main objective is to build understanding and produce written text on general topics. As a result of this course, you will be able to have a conversation in slow interaction. Level 1 can prepare for A1 of DELE, SIELE, and a basic level of D.I.E.

Level 1 Instituto Hispania


Spanish Introduction with Verb SER (To be), Introducing ourselves, Alphabet, Numbers.
Frequent questions, Professions, Nouns, Adjectives, Articles, Nationalities.
Questions & Answers to obtain personal information.
Definite articles, Indefinite articles, Colours.
Verb ESTAR (to be), Prepositions, Adverbs, Prepositions.
Contrast and use of SER and ESTAR verbs, States of mood.
Verb TENER (to have), HAY (there is/are), Possessive adjectives.
Vocabulary related to house, family, animals, clothes, and weather.
Days of the week, months, seasons.
Muy – Mucho (many – much), Time, Weather.
Verbs ending in -AR, Direct Object.
Verbs ending in -ER, Indirect Object.
Verbs ending in -IR, Verb IR (the irregular verb “to go”).
Irregular verbs, Infinite verbs (future construction), Reflexive verbs, and much more.
And much more.

Course Information

Duration — 6 weeks (weekdays) and 12 weeks (weekends) / 60 Hours
Students Per Batch — 8 to 10.
Mode of Instruction (Languages) — English and Spanish
Certification — Yes, at the end of the course
Fee — Rs. 15,999 all-inclusive
Hispania Uno includes — E-Study Material, audio, Registration, and Job Guidance (Everything is FREE).
Prerequisites — No prior knowledge of Spanish
Spanish level1 A1

Course Features

Certified Spanish Trainer

All trainers for this course are certified instructors with years of experience who undergo extensive internal training under our Teachers Training Program. The trainers are well versed with the course content, use multimedia tools to deliver the classes, and include a cultural focus during the course to represent the Spanish-speaking world accurately.

Course Certificate (Level 1, A1)

A Hispania Certificate will be awarded to you upon completing the Basic Certificate Course (Level 1, A1). A minimum of 50% is required for certification, which is essential for progressing to the next level. But, for good proficiency and a solid understanding of this level, aim for a minimum of 60-65%.

Pre-Requisites for Hispania Uno

As the introductory levels will be taught in English, the course is intended for adults who can communicate in English. The class begins with a basic introduction to Spanish. Therefore, prior knowledge is not required.

Hispania Uno is recommended for teenagers over the age of 14, college students, and working professionals. Instructors facilitate the learning of new words and grammar structures for participants. A proactive attitude and active participation are needed to achieve the best results!

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