Everything About Spanish SIELE Test

Do you speak Spanish? Get an accurate level by taking the 2023 SIELE, a well-known Spanish test.

How good is your Spanish? Do you want to know your exact level? If so, take the 2023 SIELE test, the official Spanish language proficiency exam worldwide.

There are many benefits of learning Spanish. The growing demand for the Spanish language has led to an upsurge of candidates taking the Spanish tests.

This Spanish test enables you to measure your knowledge and identify your level of mastery. This helps you focus on your flaws, study, and progress in the journey to Spanish fluency.

Many Spanish exams are available globally, but DELE and SIELE are the two most widely used. So, after covering DELE a while back, today is the time for SIELE!

This post has all the information about the SIELE you need. This guide includes benefits, test structure, eligibility, question, exam format, centers, levels, dates, fees, scores, preparation, and more.

It’s time to get started!


What is SIELE?

SIELE is an acronym for Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española. In English, it refers to “The International Evaluation Service of the Spanish Language”.


SIELE is a standard and internationally recognized Spanish proficiency test. It measures and certifies the degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language.

From students to hobbyists to professionals, this test is for everyone. After the test, you’ll receive an official diploma confirming your language ability. And thus, it proves you have reached a certain level of Spanish.

Who conducts the Spanish SIELE test?

Four prestigious institutions support and promote SIELE.

This includes Instituto Cervantes, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of Buenos Aires, and the University of Salamanca.

SIELE certification

The collaboration of these reputed organizations ensures high-quality standards, sound policies, and fair testing practices. The association also maintains variations in the linguistics of the Hispanic world.

Acceptance and Popularity

The DELE examination was started in 1989. In contrast, SIELE only came into existence only in 2016.

Despite being relatively new, it is quickly catching up and gaining traction. Its prominence is because of its unique benefits, notably the online exam.

Most public and private universities, government bodies, and businesses acknowledge, accept, and trust SIELE certification. Today, it is a well-known Spanish test conducted across the world.

Associations and Recognition

Today, over 80 Universities in 20 countries of Ibero-America actively cooperate with SIELE. These academic centers are involved in many scholarly activities.

For example, in Spanish teaching research, evaluate the quality of Spanish language content and develop innovative study materials. The superiority of these institutions is a key to the reliability and academic stature of SIELE.

SIELE acceptance

The below-mentioned are some of the prominent organizations that officially accept SIELE as a Spanish diploma.

  • CRUE (Conferencia de Rectores de las Universidades Españolas) — This is a not-for-profit organization comprising a total of 76 Spanish universities: 26 private and 50 public.
  • CAPES (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior) of the Brazilian Ministry of Education. It handles quality validation in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Department of Education in Hungary.
  • The Republic Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of Czech.
  • ACLES (Association of Language Centres in Higher Education) aims to promote different languages in Higher Education in Spain.
  • The Seal of Biliteracy of the USA in the states of California, Virginia, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Georgia, and Utah.

Advantages of SIELE

There are quite a few apparent benefits linked to the SIELE test. Let’s explore!


1. Study in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries

Do you want to study in a country where Spanish is widely spoken or is an official language? Perhaps you wish to get your Spanish citizenship?

Then, SIELE can add significant value to your profile if you plan to attend a university, work, or settle in Spain or Latin America.

Hundreds of colleges and institutions recognize it for undergraduate and graduate degrees around the globe. Universities require different levels, with B1 and B2 being the most requested.

To sum up, the SIELE score and certification will benefit you where the Spanish language is required.

2. Career and job opportunities

Do you want to make a career involving Spanish?

In that case, the SIELE diploma offers job seekers and employees a competitive edge.

Assume you’d like to work in Spanish companies or companies dealing with Spain, the USA, Latin America, or anywhere else. Your CV stands out in that situation if you can speak Spanish.

It is a result of your Spanish language test, i.e., the score and the document noted in your profile. Hence, this is a vital skill to earn from a career viewpoint.

3. You know your exact level and get motivation

You might like to confirm your knack for Spanish if you have been learning it for some time. Or, as a student, you may want to certify your level.

SIELE scores give you a precise estimate of your ability in that case.

When you take the test, you will learn where you stand and what you already know. Then you can focus on your shortcomings and how to improve from thereon. This helps you plan better for your next test.

It will also encourage you to keep learning Spanish and achieve more learning goals. As the last point, the score is a big confidence inspiration.

4. Flexible and convenient

Online registration allows candidates to decide when, where, and which part of the test. You can pick that even a few days before the test dates. 

There are no pre-defined dates. Instead, you can select the day, time, place, and exam modality according to your need.

Your certificate, test scores, and CEFR-level correspondence will be emailed within 21 days of the test dates. Each test also has a numerical score, conveying the sum of all the tests.

You can also find it all on the official SIELE website.

5. SIELE is a 100% online exam

Unlike DELE, which is 100% offline, you can take the SIELE exam online. 

This is a computer-based (including the oral test) and 100% online exam. The exam is available at hundreds of approved test centers. You can take them on any convenient day of your choice.

It’s a fast, easy, and hassle-free way to show and know your Spanish language skills.

6. Fail-Proof and Risk-Free

With SIELE, you don’t have to worry about what level to aim for. Instead, students get a grade on a multilevel Spanish test from A1 to C1, linked to the CERF.

There is no chance of failing this test. This test gives you a score of 0 to 1000.

You discover which level you are at without being a pass or fail. So, for example, you may get A2 in listening, B1 in speaking and reading, and B2 in writing.

Everything About Spanish SIELE

There are many Spanish exams available. Globally, DELE is the most sought-after test for non-native speakers. But in recent years, SIELE has also become increasingly widespread.

Let’s explore everything about it!

Who is eligible for the exam?

Candidates of all levels, ages, and locations are welcome to take SIELE. The test is open to all, whether Spanish is your mother tongue or you speak it as a second or foreign language.

Although there isn’t any notable restriction, you must be over 13 years old. There is also no near-native level C2 test.

The examination is available to anyone wanting an honest and accurate assessment of their Spanish skills.

SIELE test structure

With SIELE, you can test your language skills in four areas. This includes 

  • Reading Comprehension (RC),
  • Written Expression and Interaction (WEI),
  • Listening Comprehension (LC), and
  • Oral Expression and Interaction (OEI).

The types of SIELE tests

There are two broad types of SIELE exams.

Types of SIELE

1. Independent Modalities

There are five independent modalities, depending on the combination of tests you pick.

You can get the SIELE Report through four independent methods. Also, there is a correlation between the scores and CEFR levels. 

  • S1 — Reading comprehension and Listening comprehension.
  • S2 — Reading comprehension and Written expression & interaction.
  • S3 — Reading comprehension and Oral expression & interaction.
  • S4 — Oral (Spoken) expression and interaction.
  • S5 — Written expression & interaction and Oral expression & interaction.
SIELE Modality

These above-listed combinations, containing RC, LC, WEI, and OEI, have scores from 0 to 500 for S1, S2, S3, and S5 with two tests. For S4, it is between 0 and 250 with one exam (OEI).

The result you gain in both sections except S4, which has only one, adheres to the CEFR. So, as an outcome, it shows your Spanish language skills in those sections.

2. SIELE Global

There are four tests in SIELE Global: Reading, Speaking, Writing, and Listening. It is the most comprehensive way to certify your Spanish proficiency level.

This single multilevel exam includes a score from 0 to 1000. You get the final result based on your scores from each of the four sections.

Exam format — Types of questions and Description

Every test carries different kinds of questions and marks. So, let’s find out the detailed description of each exam.

SIELE Test format

(i) Reading Comprehension — The RC exam has 5 tasks and 38 questions. The duration is 60 minutes, and the total marks are 250. Here, you read texts and answer various MCQ-based questions.

(ii) Listening comprehension — The LC test has 6 tasks and 38 questions. The duration is 55 minutes, and the total marks are 250. First, you listen to different audio, like an interview, conversation, information, monologue, etc., twice. Then, you answer diverse MCQ-based questions.

(iii) Oral expression and interaction — The OCI test has 5 tasks, and the maximum allowed time is 15 to 20 minutes. This holds 250 points. There are two types of tasks. (i) Answer based on audio-based questions 1 and 4. (ii) Record your answer per the instructions of tasks 2, 3, and 5.

(iv) Written expression and interaction — The WEI has 2 tasks; the total time is 50 minutes of 250 points. 1st task has 100 to 150 words and covers a response to an email, letter, forum, or blog message. In the 2nd task of 250 to 30 words, you write an opinion on topics like a newspaper article.

How do you get the CEFR grade?

The score for each test conforms to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

SIELE score
  • A1 → RC and LC – 33-65.99, WEI – 34-68.99, and OEI – 40-75.99.
  • A2 → RC – 66-117.99, LC – 66-111.99, WEI – 69-103.99, and OEI – 76-124.99.
  • B1 → RC – 118-177.99, LC – 112-163.99, WEI – 104-166.99, and OEI – 125-175.99.
  • B1 → RC – 178-216.99, LC – 164-210.99, WEI – 167-214.99, and OEI – 176-214.99.
  • C1 → RC – 217-250, LC – 211-250, WEI and OEI – 215-250.

Test Duration

You can either take the complete exam or one or more single tests.

The fixed and predetermined order of tests (CL, CA, EIE, EIO) covers reading, listening, writing, and speaking. If you appear for SIELE Global, you will get 15 minutes of break between the EIE and CA tests.


Each test is worth 250 points, so the maximum score is 1000.

Upon passing the SIELE Global exam, you will receive a five-year globally recognized certificate.

This has a per-test score, a CEFR level equivalence, and a score of 0 to 1000, representing the sum of each test.


It follows the level structure guidelines of the European Council (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

SIELE has 5 levels — A1 (Breakthrough), A2 (Waystage), B1 (Threshold), B2 (Vantage), and C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency). It does not have a C2 level.

How to register for the test?

The registration process is pretty simple. Here are the steps:

  • First, open the site siele.org, and click “Book Your Exam.”
  • Then, pick the country where you would like to undertake the exam. You must also pick between “In a center” or “Remote.”
  • After this, select one of the two exam modalities — SIELE global or one of the 5 independent modalities (RC+LC, RC+WEI, LC+OEI, OEI, and WEI+OEI).
  • In this step, choose the city where you want to give the test. Then select an exam center, preferred test date, and one available slot.
  • Next, complete the form with your personal information like name, city, email, date of birth, native language, nationality, photo ID card, and contact number.
  • Finally, review all details, confirm, and submit the registration form and fee.

On the test day at the designated center, show the official identification document you used to register for the exam. Arrive 15 minutes before the start time.

After verifying your identity, the test center staff will enter an unlock code into your computer for you to begin the test.

The entire examination lasts 3 hours with a 15-minute break.

Test Centers

As of January 2023, there are hundreds of SIELE exam centers in 91 countries across 6 continents. And they keep adding more centers with each passing year.

SIELE test centers

It will please those who intend to sit for the test in India that there are 29 SIELE testing centers in the country.

With four authorized test locations in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune, there is no better alternative than Instituto Hispania.

SIELE Test Dates in 2023

In contrast to other language tests, you can choose any time and date that works for you.

You can take the test whenever you want. But not all dates are available at every testing center. So, check the nearest center and available slots, and then pick the date and time at your convenience.

How much does it cost?

The fee depends on the type of test.

  • SIELE Global — 135 EUR.
  • Reading Comprehension — 65 EUR.
  • Listening Comprehension — 75 EUR.
  • Oral Expression and Interaction — 60 EUR.
  • Written Expression and Interaction — 75 EUR.


Unlike DELE, which is valid for life, the SIELE diploma has limited validity and expires.

The SIELE gives you a five-year validity from the time you get your results.

Your language ability might decline when you do not use your learned language. That’s why it prefers candidates to re-proving their skills after 5 years to be officially counted.

When will you receive results?

They send candidates an email within 21 days of taking the test informing them that their scores are available online.

Signed-in users can download their certificates or reports on the website. Also, candidates who pass the Global SIELE exam (all four tests) can share a “digital badge” with 3rd parties.

Sample papers and study materials

For practice, you can check the official website. It has many interactive papers and sample questions for learners. This can help you better understand each test paper and how it works.

SIELE sample papers

You can take the help of a teacher, apps, books, podcasts, and other resources to study and get the desired levels with impressive scores.

How to prepare for the test?

The correct method, persistence, interest, and consistent practice are crucial to success in SELE. Even though there are many ways to learn Spanish. Still, face-to-face classes with a teacher are the most effective ones.

Are you planning to start your journey with Spanish? Or do you want to take the lateral entry for a higher level if you studied earlier?

We have Spanish courses tailored to all needs, levels, and schedules. From absolute beginner to expert level, we have all the options for you.

You can learn Spanish at Instituto Hispania in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune and get your SELE international diploma at the same place.

You can reach us to achieve your linguistic goals.

Most Common Frequently Asked Questions

Wrapping Up on the SIELE exam

Spanish SIELE test

SIELE is a widely accepted and trusted Spanish language exam. The score and diploma confirm your Spanish knowledge and suit everyone — from hobby to academic to career goals.

You may have many reasons for learning Spanish. But the internationally recognized Spanish Diploma, i.e., the SIELE test, can significantly add value to your professional and personal life.

Do you have any questions or are unsure about something? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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