Hispania Tres (Level 3 – A2)

Once you have a basic Spanish understanding, you can attend our elementary courses. Our Hispania tres course was designed based on the foundations of A1. The level 3 objective is to take your Spanish beyond beginners and continue from Hispania Dos.

Hispania Tres Level 3

This course concludes with the Basic Module. You can use the language more independently by learning the present, past, and future tenses.

This is an excellent opportunity to use the past tense for hobbies, interests, and other topics. Plus, using expressions makes it easier to share your experiences in generic conversations, conduct research, and participate more freely.

This level allows you to gain a deeper understanding of Spanish. Also, this level prepares you for the official A2 of the Spanish proficiency tests like the DELE and SIELE.

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A wide range of Spanish coursesBesides regular programs from A1 to C1 through 8 levels, we have custom courses for children and different goals like corporate, tourism, exam preparation, and business in offline and online modes.
Academic excellenceA 25-year proven experience in Spanish teaching with Highly qualified teaching staff and accredited Center for SIELE and D.I.E.
Effective Teaching ApproachOur Spanish teaching method is interactive and practical. The objective of knowing the vocabulary, grammar, sentence formation, and pronunciation is to interact in Spanish effectively.
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We are 100% specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, with a high quality of teaching over the past 25 years.

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Instituto Hispania is an official and approved test center to conduct DIE tests and SIELE in India.

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The excellent location of our institute is in 5 cities, and you can enroll for online Spanish language classes. So, you can study anytime and anywhere.

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Hispania Tres

Course Description

Check out all details about our Hispania Tres (Level 3) course.


Using the past tense, you can discuss various interests, such as shopping, hobbies, travel, etc. Researching topics and participating in general conversations will also be easier since you can describe your experiences more efficiently.

You will develop better listening and speaking skills and produce more comprehensive and detailed written texts. Also, you can add brochures, and documentation, research topics, order food, and modify documents.

It will be easier to understand a general conversation if you speak slowly. You will be able to describe work conditions, educational background, and past jobs and experiences in a way that other people can understand.

As an effect, this Spanish level 3 can prepare for A2 of SIELE, DELE, and an Intermedio D.I.E.

Level 3 Instituto Hispania


Exclamatives: ‘Qué’ and ‘Cuánto,’ Frequency adverbs, Vocabulary: travel.
Imperfect past tense, Verb ‘Soler,’ Relative adjectives, Imperative form of ‘Nosotros.’
Giving directions.
Indefinite past tense, Periphrases, and Relative adjectives with and without prepositions.
Media and communication.
Emphatic adjectives and adverbs, and Relative pronouns.
The contrast of past tenses and Descriptions.
Perfect past tense, Irregular participles, Conjunctions: ‘Ya’; ‘aún’ ; todavía’, Environment.
Pluperfect tense, Future perfect tense, adverbs, hospitality.
Imperfect vs. Indefinite past tenses.
And much more.

Course Information

Duration — 6 weeks (weekdays) and 12 weeks (weekends) / 60 Hours
Students Per Batch — 8 to 10.
Mode of Instruction (Languages) — English and Spanish
Certification — Yes, at the end of the course
Fee — Rs. 15,999 all-inclusive
Hispania Tres includes — E-Study Material, audio, Registration, and Job Guidance (Everything is FREE).
Prerequisites — DELE or SIELE A1 followed by a Spanish level Test or Level 2 from us.
Spanish level3 A2

Course Features

Certified Spanish Trainer

Under our Teachers Training Programme, all trainers for this course are certified instructors who undergo strict internal training. To accurately represent the Spanish-speaking countries, the trainers are familiar with the course content, use multimedia tools, and incorporate a cultural focus during the course.

Course Certificate (Level 3, A2)

After completing the Diploma Initial course (Level A2), you will receive the Hispania Diploma corresponding to your level A2 achievement.

Obtaining the certification requires a minimum percentage of 50% to move on to the next level. To achieve good proficiency and a solid understanding of this level, we advise earning a minimum of 60-65%.

Pre-Requisites for Hispania Tres

Students who have passed the previous level with a minimum of 50% are eligible to enroll in the Level 3 Spanish course. However, a score of at least 65% is recommended.

Hispania Tres is for those teenagers who are 14 or more, college-going students, and working professionals.

To improve the flow of speech, students should attend a conversation course before or during this course. Plus, it is required that participants with prior Spanish knowledge take a level test if they wish to enroll directly in this level. This helps us decide if their proficiency is suitable for this level.

Facilitating learning new vocabulary and grammar structures is the role of our instructors. A proactive attitude and active participation are crucial for success.

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