Hispania Cinco (Level 5 – B1)

Hispania Cinco, i.e., our level 5 is a middle-intermediate level and continuation of Hispania cuatro. This course is designed to prepare students for the B1 level of proficiency. The Spanish program follows the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

Hispania Cinco Level 5

The famous literary works of Hispanic nations can help you incorporate Spanish into your daily routine. Participating in cultural events is also a great way to learn more about the customs of Spanish-speaking people.

The second half of the B1 syllabus is covered at this level. This is an opportunity to revise your knowledge and learn new things that are part of B1 curricula and beyond.

Upon completing this level 5, you will be ready to take the B1 exam for DELE or SIELE. Also, this level can speed up your career options in Spanish and assist you in traveling the globe.

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A wide range of Spanish coursesBesides regular programs from A1 to C1 through 8 levels, we have custom courses for children and different goals like corporate, tourism, exam preparation, and business in offline and online modes.
Academic excellenceA 25-year proven experience in Spanish teaching with Highly qualified teaching staff and accredited Center for SIELE and D.I.E.
Effective Teaching ApproachOur Spanish teaching method is interactive and practical. The objective of knowing the vocabulary, grammar, sentence formation, and pronunciation is to interact in Spanish effectively.
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We are 100% specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, with a high quality of teaching over the past 25 years.

Accredieted Center of SIELE and D.I.E.

Instituto Hispania is an official and approved test center to conduct D.I.E. and SIELE in India.

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The great location of our institute is in 5 cities. You can enroll in online Spanish language classes. So, you can study anytime and anywhere.

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Our Spanish courses of all levels are available throughout the year, and the opportunity to start your classes any month of the year.

Hispania Cinco

Course Description

Check out all details about our Hispania Cinco (Level 5) course.


You will master all tenses of the present and past subjunctive. You can understand the flow of speech and distinguish how to use the past subjunctive.

It will prepare you to handle real-time situations in which the language is spoken rapidly. Moreover, you can converse coherently and relatively fluently with native speakers about general and personal interest topics.

Learning about famous literary works from Spanish-speaking nations can help you incorporate Spanish into your daily routine. You can also attend cultural events and presentations to understand Hispanic culture better.

Level 5 can equip with the knowledge to appear for B1 of DELE or SIELE.

Level 5 Instituto Hispania


Uses of Subjunctive and the Irregular forms of subjunctive.
Expressing wishes, hopes, possibilities, and feelings.
Give orders and opinions, Knowledge about festivals in the Hispanic world.
Conditional tense and uses with subjunctive, future, and conditional.
Express future plans, travel, and tourism.
Imperfect in subjunctive mode, Contrast of tenses and modes.
Conditional sentences and Hypothetical situations.
Express potential situations and Medicine and illness.
Past perfect in subjunctive mode.
Review of subjunctive tenses and uses.
And much more.

Course Information

Duration — 6 weeks (weekdays) and 12 weeks (weekends) / 60 Hours
Students Per Batch — 8 to 10.
Mode of Instruction (Languages) — Spanish
Certification — Yes, at the end of the course
Fee — Rs. 15,999 all-inclusive
Hispania Cinco includes — E-Study Material, audio, Registration, and Job Guidance (Everything is FREE).
Prerequisites — SIELE or DELE A2 followed by a Spanish level Test or Level 4 from us.
Spanish level5 B1

Course Features

Certified Spanish Trainer

Under our Teachers Training Programme, all Spanish educators for Hispania Cinco are certified trainers with years of experience.

The trainers use multimedia tools to deliver the courses accurately, representing worldwide Spanish speakers. It also contains a cultural focus during the program.

Course Certificate (Level 5, B1)

After completing the Diploma Avanzado course (Level B1), you will receive the Hispania Diploma.

A minimum of 50% is required to obtain a certification, which is necessary to progress to the next level. Yet, getting 60-65% is recommended to achieve good proficiency and a good understanding of level 5.

Pre-Requisites for Hispania Cinco

The Spanish course is meant for students who have cleared the previous level with a minimum of 50%. Still, it is advised to aim for 65% or more.

Level 5 (Hispania Cinco) is recommended for teenagers over 14 years old, college students, and working professionals.

Students with a gap of 6 months or more between levels who have studied Spanish before (with us or elsewhere) must take a level test. It is necessary to assess the candidate’s proficiency to know whether the candidate would be a good fit for this level.

To refresh and maintain previously acquired skills, the student must be regularly in touch with the language through social media, movies, or other forms of socialization.

Instructors facilitate the process of learning new vocabulary and grammar structures for participants. Thus, taking part actively and being proactive is crucial.

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