Hispania Ocho (Level 8 – C1)

Hispania Ocho, i.e., level 8, is our last one open to students who have completed all seven levels, including Hispania Siete. In addition to social and educational needs, the Spanish language can also be used for professional purposes.

Hispania Ocho Level 8

You can watch films and TV series to learn Spanish and listen to podcasts during this level. You can communicate and manage your emotions comfortably when traveling in everyday situations.

After completing this course, you will be able to handle any situation that involves Spanish. You can quickly comprehend detailed information about any subject if you are at work, school, at home, or enjoying leisure activities.

The Hispania Ocho course is perfect if you want to take an advanced level of DELE or SIELE. You can also benefit from this level if you need to speak Spanish to further your career.

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A wide range of Spanish coursesBesides regular programs from A1 to C1 through 8 levels, we have custom courses for children and different goals like corporate, tourism, exam preparation, and business in offline and online modes.
Academic excellenceA 25-year proven experience in Spanish teaching with Highly qualified teaching staff and accredited Center for SIELE and D.I.E.
Effective Teaching ApproachOur Spanish teaching method is interactive and practical. The objective of knowing the vocabulary, grammar, sentence formation, and pronunciation is to interact in Spanish effectively.
Quality with Experience

We are 100% specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, with a high quality of teaching over the past 25 years.

Accredieted Center of SIELE and D.I.E.

Instituto Hispania is an official and authorized test center to organize SIELE and D.I.E. in India.

Location and Flexibility

The excellent location of our institute is in 5 cities. You can enroll in Spanish classes online with certificates. So, you can study anytime and from anywhere.

Year Round Courses

Our Spanish courses of all levels are available throughout the year, and the opportunity to start your classes any month of the year.

Hispania Ocho

Course Description

Check out all details about our Hispania Ocho (Level 8) course.


Spanish level 8 is designed for students who have a strong background in the language. Also, this program is designed for learners who wish to take Spanish to a higher level for various purposes, such as jobs that require Spanish ability.

This level also includes various Spanish activities. Also, you will gain a deeper understanding of Spanish culture and the history of Spain and other Spanish-speaking nations.

The students will study more advanced reading and writing skills and tricky grammar and terms. In addition, speaking, reading, writing, and understanding Spanish will sweeten a student’s fluency.

You will learn more about Hispanic nations’ traditions, customs, and history through Hispania Ocho. Besides, students enhance their listening and speaking abilities by participating in group discussions and activities.

Level 8 Instituto Hispania


Review of C1.1 through communicative approach and written practice.
Advanced speaking and listening practice through group and one-to-one discussions.
Customs, traditions, and history of Spanish-speaking countries.
Cultural lessons and talks.
Connectors and proverbs.
Advanced subjunctive mood and its uses in various contexts.
Advanced verb tenses, mixed and exceptional conjugations.
Idiomatic expressions and colloquial language.
Advanced reading comprehension, including the ability to analyze and interpret texts.
Advanced writing skills and ability to write persuasive and argumentative essays.
And much more.
Spanish level8 C1

Course Information

Duration — 6 weeks (weekdays) and 12 weeks (weekends) / 60 Hours.
Students Per Batch — 8 to 10.
Mode of Instruction (Languages) — Spanish
Certification — Yes, at the end of the course
Fee — Rs. 15,999 all-inclusive
Hispania Ocho includes — E-Study Material, audio, Registration, and Job Guidance (Everything is FREE).
Prerequisites — SIELE or DELE B2 followed by a Spanish level Test or Level 7 from us.

Course Features

Certified Spanish Trainer

Our Teachers Training Programme requires rigorous internal training for educators teaching this course. It is a team of certified instructors with many years of experience. In addition, our higher levels are conducted by native Spanish-speaking trainers to give students more exposure.

Their lessons are delivered using multimedia tools, and they know the Spanish course material. The course also focuses on cultural aspects to accurately portray Spanish-speaking regions.

Course Certificate (Level 8, C1)

Hispania Diploma comparable to level C1 will be granted to those who finish the Diploma Superior Spanish course (Level C1).

Getting at least 50% is compulsory to obtain the last level 8, i.e., the Diploma Superior diploma. A minimum of 60-65% is recommended for good proficiency and a solid understanding of this level.

Pre-Requisites for Hispania Ocho

This last level 8 Spanish course at Instituto Hispania is open to students who have cleared their previous level with a minimum of 50%. However, 65% or higher is recommended.

It is recommended that teenagers over 14, college students, and professionals take Level 8 (Hispania Ocho).

Participants with a gap of six months or more between levels who have studied Spanish before (with us or elsewhere) are required to take the level test. We can determine their readiness for this level based on their proficiency.

Regular socialization with the language is compulsory. For example, watching flicks, or TV series, listening to podcasts, or using social media, allows the student to refresh and maintain previously acquired skills.

Participants learn new words, phrases, and grammar structures with the assistance of the educators. Active participation and a proactive attitude are, therefore, essential.

Placement after level 8 (C1)

By achieving proficiency in C1, you will be eligible to apply for placement in multinational companies’ jobs where Spanish is required.

You will receive a better chance to get better employment and career prospect if you have added a language value addition qualification at this stage.

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