Why Choose Instituto Hispania of all options?

Why choose Instituto Hispania

We all know the best way to learn Spanish is to study through a teacher or register at any reputed learning center. But picking the right one is a daunting task.

Today, there are endless Spanish language institutes for you to choose from in India. So why choose Instituto Hispania of all options?

The real question should be, why not?


16 Reasons for Learning Spanish at Instituto Hispania

Here are the top motivations to help you consider Instituto Hispania if you seek the best Spanish institute in India. It covers many great reasons to learn Spanish at our center.

These genuine points can help you dive deep into the fascinating world of the Spanish language and culture.

Learning Spanish at Instituto Hispania

1. Academic excellence

We have developed all our Spanish courses following the model of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

There are a total of 8 levels. It starts with Hispania 1, which covers basics, and ends with Hispania 8. The last one is advanced and equivalent to C1.

You can study all year long, offline or online, in an academic, relaxed, and friendly environment. We only employ highly committed, skilled, and experienced trainers for more pleasing results.

2. A 25-year proven experience in Spanish teaching

The journey of the Instituto Hispania as a specialist Spanish language institute started in 1997.

As one of India’s oldest Spanish language centers, we have over 25 years of rich experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language. It shows how we proved our mettle through time-tested quality education and an impeccable track record.

Since the beginning, we have always followed an immersive learning approach. As an outcome, all students have benefited from this easy, effective, and practical way of learning Spanish.

3. Highly qualified teaching staff

Studying from qualified teachers makes a world of difference. In contrast to purely reading textbooks, our course offers a better understanding of how to speak Spanish in the real world.

Instituto Hispania hires not only skilled Indian Spanish trainers but also native Spanish speakers from Latin America and Spain.

We engage skillful and professional educators to deliver the most memorable experience for you. We also ensure all trainers get through good teacher training programs that guarantee consistency in pedagogy quality.

They are supportive and engaging throughout the journey to Spanish learning with us. Also, teachers from different backgrounds and countries provide a glimpse into the vibrant culture of the Hispanic people.

Spanish at Instituto Hispania

4. Accredited Center

Instituto Hispania is an accredited center of FIDESCU (Fundación para la Investigación y desarrollo de la Cultura Española). So, we offer the official D.I.E. (Diploma Internacional de Español) test and certification.

We are also authorized exam centers for SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española). This is an international test supported by Spanish Government, Instituto Cervantes, University of Salamanca, University of Mexico, and University of Buenos Aires, to name a few.

All our centers follow the same pattern: teaching practice, certification, syllabus, guidelines, and quality control. Thus, all our branches are approved SIELE exam centers in India.

We’ve also designed our programs in accordance with DELE (Diploma de Español Como Lengua Extranjera). It is the most famous Spanish proficiency test worldwide. Instituto Cervantes, on behalf of the Spanish government, manages and oversees the test.

The Spanish governmental institutions recognize all these exams and a few more to promote Spanish globally. So, if you aim for D.I.E, DELE, or SIELE to gain an international Spanish diploma, we have a course to fit your needs.

5. Culture activities and events

Language and culture are interconnected. So, to make learning more productive and immersive, we organize various exciting and cultural activities throughout the year.

Learning Spanish helps you communicate and connect with others and better understand cultures and customs different from yours. And this is where we excel all the time.

We arrange and host many events at the Instituto Hispania to bring the students to the flavorful Spanish and Latin American customs.

The Spanish language learning, entwined with the unique Spanish culture and customs, makes it a mesmerizing adventure.

6. Accessibility and location

Instituto Hispania’s main center is at Building No 6, Panchsheel Community Centre, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi.

The Instituto Hispania Delhi center is within walking distance from the Panchsheel Park metro station. It is central and convenient — in the heart of South Delhi.

In Mumbai, Instituto Hispania has a center at Mulund (Thane). You can easily reach this center from anywhere since it is well-connected.

Likewise, Chennai’s Adyar and Pune’s Shivaji Nagar are readily accessible in the established area of the cities.

Why Instituto Hispania

7. Flexibility

Our Spanish classes are available at times that suit you. We are open from morning to evening Monday — Friday and on weekends too!

Instituto Hispania provides flexible enrollments that let you join a Spanish class in any mode. Further, we organize small groups with a limited number of students to enhance the communicative tasks and interactions.

We welcome students to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune schools. You can also enroll and study from anywhere through our face-to-face online classes.

8. Effective teaching approach

Our technique for teaching Spanish is interactive and practical. The goal of knowing the new vocabulary, grammar, sentence formation, and pronunciation is to communicate in Spanish effectively.

Besides textbooks and notes, we facilitate, assist, and encourage learning through other audiovisual materials. Our trainers create a delightful atmosphere where you can advance fast and have fun learning Spanish.

We conduct regular activities to impart practical language knowledge to benefit our Spanish programs. It includes, but is not restricted to, dance, music, films, discussions, quizzes, and games. These translate into learning with joy.

9. Infrastructure and modern technology

AV multimedia equipment, whiteboards, screens, air conditioning, and whiteboards are all available in every classroom. Plus, we deliver E-learning courses for online learners using the latest digital platform.

We also encourage teachers to integrate and use technology in the classroom.

A Spanish and Hispanic American literature collection is also available in the library for students. You can also check our digital and hard copies of the learning materials to take your Spanish to the next level.

Thanks to the state-of-an-art infrastructure, multimedia resources, and student area, it’s easy to spend your whole day learning Spanish here. In addition, all are free for your personal use or study goals.

Why Instituto Hispania institute

10. A wide range of Spanish courses

Our main Spanish courses are for everyone, especially adults. It comprises eight levels.

  • Basic (A1 + A2) — Hispania Uno (A1), Dos (A2.1), and Tres (A2).
  • Intermediate (B1+B2) — Hispania Cuatro (B1.1), Cinco (B1), and Seis (B2).
  • Advanced (C1 + C2) — Hispania Siete (C1.1) and Ocho (C1).

Besides regular programs, we have various other tailor-made courses for school-going children and different purposes like corporate, tourism, and business.

You can also opt for a private individual tuition package to get a one-to-one session with a teacher. Above all, consider online classes if you cannot attend offline classes.

If you already know Spanish or have been out of touch for a while, you can take our level test to measure your current language skills. Then, based on your test assessment and performance, we will assign a level and course most relevant to your ability.

11. Services beyond Spanish learning

While teaching Spanish is our primary goal, we offer and cover many services related to the Spanish language and culture.

For example, translation, interpretation, voice recording, subtitling, and audio-video transcriptions are some of our services.

We conduct a wide range of corporate and specialized Spanish training. For example, medical, technical, business, engineering, IT, and more.

Do you want to go to Spain or any central or South American countries for your higher studies and immerse yourself in everything Spanish?

We have an active association with several educational institutions in Spain and other nations to foster your education there. Once you gain a higher ability, you can consider studying there to achieve mastery.

12. Promoting the Spanish language in India

We have helped ten thousand students discover their love for Spanish for over two decades. Our proven and communication-focused methods get students to use Spanish from the moment they step into our learning center.

At Instituto Hispania, our students develop their Spanish language skills and understand the cultural aspects of Hispanic and Latin America in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

As an effect, we’re proud to create an ever-growing and vibrant Spanish-speaking community across India and beyond.

Learn Spanish at Instituto Hispania

13. Varieties of Spanish

Broadly, there are two different Spanish — European and Latin American. Both have distinct accents, vocabulary, expressions, and cultural nuances.

Our primary focus is on standard Spanish that is accepted and recognized worldwide. Still, we cover other Spanish dialects and variants to make things broader and in-depth.

Our various Spanish lessons will allow you to immerse yourself in authentic Spanish from Spain, Central, and South America. In short, we have something for everyone.

14. Spanish certification

After completing your course, you will receive a proficiency certificate. The certificate documents your course name, level, learning progress, duration, grade, and other relevant information. 

The certification meets the requirements of most companies seeking to hire Spanish language specialists.

We have designed all our courses per the international curriculum. Thus, we always recommend students take Spanish tests like DELE, SIELE, Telc, D.I.E., etc., supported by the Spanish government and various embassies.

15. Affordability

The quality does not need to be expensive. And for the same reason, our fee is pretty affordable for everyone.

The price for each level at Rs. 16,000 and includes all study materials and taxes. It is one of the more pocket-friendly Spanish institutes in Delhi and other parts of India.

Not to forget, it still offers quality Spanish learning and has a lot to help you accomplish your fluency in Spanish.

Reasons to choose Instituto Hispania

16. Job placement and post-study career guidance

Most learners choose to learn Spanish for careers. As soon as they achieve a meaningful level, like upper intermediate or lower advanced, such as B2, they search for a job.

Over the past 25 years, we taught and offered placement to hundreds of students. Besides, our programs helped our students in various careers and job opportunities worldwide.

Instituto Hispania sometimes organizes campus placement drives at its centers to help companies select and recruit candidates. It acts as a bridge between enterprises and potential employees.

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